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Choose which collections/circles to share :
Instead of sharing one on Wednesday, one on Sunday – why not share them all when there’s time ?
Check into G+ on your mobile from here, share a collection and be done – without wasting much bandwidth.

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The LATEST Shares :
To become a collection member, click here !

You can no longer be added to shared circles ! You can no longer add them to your circles.
So, shared Collections are taking the place of the old Shared Circles…

Circle Club Collection Share – (latest share : Monday, May 25, 2015)

Here’s three static circles that you can still share :
About sharing STATIC circles.
Static #InfluGager Circle Share – (latest share: Wednesday, May 06, 2015)

Static #LuxeTrend Circle Share – (latest share: Tuesday, May 05, 2015)

Static #SaturNight Circle Share – (latest share: Sunday, May 03, 2015)

Please share “to public”, if at all possible – Thank You / See You around 😉

[3D Human Anatomy]

Wondering about more success on Google Plus ? Fancy a Digital 3D Anatomy Model or Visual ?
Please fill out the below form and briefly state your needs – we’ll get back to you. It’s gratis.
Your privacy will stay protected, we do not pass data on to third parties.

[Human Body 3D Anatomy]



[3D Human Cardiovascular System]

To become a member in a shared collection, please use one of the collection post links above,
share that collection to public, and add a comment with a link to one of your favorite posts.
This should be a public post, and you MUST be the originator of that post ! That’s it.
We only need this one post. If you keep sharing,you can have two more post added, in time.
Collections are being shared twice weekly, and you will be part of the next share.
Your post will also be reshared on my profile, and probably be reshared by several other people.
Please be aware that you are expected to share the collection to public to become, and stay, a member –
so sharing it weekly is what makes it popular and keeps you inside.
Shared collection members grow their follower numbers about four times as fast as normal users,
and if you are inside with a beautiful post, people will appreciate and add you.

Sharing G+ collections is a perfect way to promote yourself, and/or your company.
It’s also a real fast way to get followers on G+ and to get into Google-the-Search-Engine TM without any further “SEO”.
Google gave us all the instruments, but most people never found out how to use them –
well, part of the secret starts with collection sharing…
Sharing collections is a bit more complicated than sharing circles (where you just added
500 people to your own circles at a go, hoping they’d add you back) – you have to add
them one by one. We’ll find ways to simplify that in the future. Right now, you browse the collection
and add all those that tou find interesting, to a circle of yur own, and/or the post
to a collection of your own. Within the next days, you will get added to the collection
via a post of yours, and find your name on the collection member’s list.
People will start adding you back, and your numbers will grow.

Okay – I understand. Now beam me up to the shares again !

It’s okay to share static circles, but it will only benefit people who are already inside.
You think if you share such circles every day, it will increase your follower number ? Unfortunately not.
You think Google will secretly refresh such circles, so when their owners add and delete members,
these changes will eventually filter through if you only add the circle to yours ?
Absolutely NOT. You cannot be added to such a circle because NO updated circle can be shared anymore.
\ The ones in circulation have all been shared before May 08, they are gathering Patina.
Some of their members do no longer exist – so nobody can even add these circles.
Try to add a circle ! Did it work ? Nope. So if someone writes,
“Share and you will be added”, that is just what they wrote befor May 08…
In essence, you either give up sharing now, or you start sharing collections.
You can of course share static circles ad nauseam, but there’s just no benefit to it
(for YOU. There is for the guy who persuades you to share it) as long as you
have not been in that circle before Google disabled circle shares.

Thanks for bearing with us !

That was interesting ! Now beam me up to the shares again !
Do have a look at all that fantastic 3D Human Anatomy our page sponsors created – it’s incredible stuff, seriously.
Takes years to get this done, medically correct with about 6000 parts, all the organs, bones and muscles.

Good to know that some people aren’t just online for “social” 😉

All the best, JoJo

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