Fully detailed complete digital 3d brain set consisting of up to 305 parts
(depending on the version you choose), textured or untextured,
– most detail being in the geometry –
cranial nerves (and their nuclei)
, all major veins and arteries,
cerebellum, detailed brain stem
and midbrain with ventricles, amydala etc.

New : Cutaways for Cortex and Medulla/Diencephalon
(these need the textures most).
ALL thalamic and subthalamic, Raphes and even
the amygdaloid nuclei are there,
each one as an individual object.

Fitting the rest of our our (P1) anatomy,
available in a version with cuts and textures,
or without them, as per your choice.

Object list

More pictures

A high detail human 3d brain model including movable
hemisphere parts (left hemisphere), basal ganglia, cetera.

Available for direct download in formats
3dsMax, Maya, .fbx, Wavefront .obj
(more if needed, see FAQ file)

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3d brain 300 parts + cuts + textures
Single $248 Multi $448 EDU-Multi $348

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