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The Integrated Anatomy Lab 3D
Information and Learning System

At a loss for words, we finally called it a "3D Anatomy Studying Work Station"... though it includes no hardware (so far, we are testing 3 displays). It is probably the most advanced turnkey 3D anatomy visualization solution on the market today, the definite best for educational anatomy purposes in any case and the ONLY one that is NOT an improvised application based on some game engine - 3d anatomy visualization solutions are not a game. Best of all, Anatomy Lab II features version 3 of the Anatomium P1 Set in a completely intuitive, practical and extremely adaptive interface !

It is no hype calling Anatomy Lab 3D a breakthrough in visualization of human (digital) anatomy for learning and education. First, interactive 3d Human Anatomy provides a solution for dissection or reassembly of -virtual- bodyparts as easily as plastic models do - however virtual models have no breakage risk nor do they have dust settling on them. Even better, Anatomy Lab II provides more interaction and even more than "just" the interaction: the direct interface access to Web resources enables an exciting and very fast learning process.

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    This new version of Anatomy Lab 3D is brought to you by Anatomium.com and Next Dimension Imaging (who were among the the first companies to combine vector graphics with volumetric data visualization techniques as early as a dozen years ago). NextD have abandoned document- or model-centric visualization and managed to implement a perfect view-centric 3d anatomy system which makes the program unique in the market today. The integrated 3D model includes 18 body systems and their unmatched level of detail make it the ultimate tool for studying, lecturing, presenting and reference. The full body 3D model includes skeleton, muscles, ligaments, circulation, nervous system, brain, heart and inner organs. Sectional views into the body can be interactively created, supported by visual dissection methods. Optional addition of user specific content, and instant access of related online resources make it a comprehensive teaching and learning system which is widely language and culture independent.

    AnatomyLab II becomes a powerful teaching aid in the hands of a presenter. For students, it represents a proactive learning environment which can adapt to a specific learning content and habit. In conclusion let us say that with this version 2 of Anatomy Lab, our collegues at NextD have added to their early exploits which were focused mostly on interactive 3D exploration - they now have developed Anatomy Lab into a high end information, visualization and learning system for the entire human anatomy well suited for any educational purpose.

    As our P1 3d anatomy set is a 3d anatomy atlas for certain more or less complex programs, AnatomyLab II is an interactive human anatomy atlas in itself it will give you a premier self-directed learning experience.
    You have all the 3d anatomy on your machine already, so you do not need to access Internet at all - but IF you want to get some additional info or translations, descriptions or images, Wikipidia, Grey's, others - no problem, all our objects also have correct latin names (essential !) and so you will certainly find all the existing addditonal sources online the fast and easy way: "Interactive" and "intuitive" are the foremost words to describe the Anatomy Lab II 3D Anatomy Information System.

    A question you may ask : why is AnatomyLab II more expensive than other "comparative" solutions in 3D Anatomy Viewing/Studying ? Well, it isn't... not if you compare it to the market leaders at Primal Pictures - their system is MUCH more complicated and also rather more expensive.

    As for the other "Solutions in the 19-39 Dollar Range", they simply aren't what they claim to be, they are just Viewers based on Game Engines and will disappoint you either in DETAIL or Interactivity - one might as well use Adobe Reader 3D. Some may even link to Wikipedia etc. if you are online, some can *only* be used online (no good if you are serious about 3d anatomy).

    All are one-window amateur solutions created with little programming know-how. It is best to compare well... We strive to provide strictly professional solutions.

    Anatomy Lab II is a very serious and professional solution.

    For Win XP/S2, Vista, Win7

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    Anatomy Lab II 3D Anatomy Information System

    (2 Workstation Licence) $598

    (5 Workstation Licence) $1750

    (15 Workstation Licence) $2990

    (30 Workstation Licence) $3870

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