Detailed Human 3D Skeletal Anatomy

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This is a very highly detailed Human 3D Skeleton consisting of 258 parts, including a 64 part Skull (see the link for detailed view), massive and with correct interior parts to fit the brain. There are many skull parts - like the Os Sphenoidale an Ethmoidale - and Skeleton parts like the Vertebrae which are rather hard to create to highly correct medical standards, so that the Anatomium Skeleton resembles quite an achievement. The skeleton was modeled after actual ct scans and idealized to create an "average" completely sane Skeleton of a 30 Y-old Human, free from any defects and also consisting of a more elegant geometry which is vastly less bulky than a scan, thus achieving superior handling and much shorter render times.

This fine Human Skeleton is available for immediate download in the male version and we will fit you out with the female parts at your request, asap and at no extra cost. The Skeleton comes textured or untextured, it fits the Muscles and Ligaments of the Anatomium P1-3 Sets as well as the Skins.

Available for direct download in formats 3dsMax, Maya, .fbx, Wavefront .obj , compatible with Softimage XSI, Cinema 4D, Lightwave, more - now even partially useful in several CAD applications.

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3d Skeleton/Skull Anatomy




Textured 3d Skeleton/Skull Anatomy





- The Skeleton and itÝs many bones are the most popular part of the Human Body Organism. To 3D Designers whose job it is to actually transform organic stuff into 3D. When for other poarts they say, "this is a complex part but it looks like nothing. It must be reconstructed correctly yet no-one will even notice and appreciate it !" That may sometimes be true, the Liver is a lot like that... anyway they all like the Skeleton, it is here where a 3D Modeler does free extra work and actually creates more detail than we want him to - always with the time-ridden Animator in mind.

The Skeleton in 3D looks impressive as a Real Skeleton does - only it is much newer and much more correct. This is one of the most important Qualities of our entire 3D-Anatomy Work - this "IDEAL AVERAGE" we create for your use. (Edited by Jack Longchamps)
More information about human skeletal anatomy.

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