Digital Body Organ Set

The Human Body Organs                      

3D Organ Anatomy Male and Female Versions -
both included at one price !

The 3D organ set comes complete with ALL internal organs (excepting only the brain which is after all situated outside the inner body and anyway deserves special attention and a special page) - complete with male and female genitals, you can choose a version with textures and extra cutaway parts included or one with material colors only - textures mainly benefit the several additional "cut" 3d organ parts mostly in the digestive tract, the genitals and the kidneys - the organs were modeled with great care and close attention to anatomical correctness, they all consist of at least one but mostly several individual parts.

The intestines of the two sexes are situated in a slightly different way due to the rooms taken by genitals. The genitals include the female mammaries and all the organs fit well into the also slightly different pelvic bones of the P1 Set Skeleton. This 3d anatomy organ set includes, among other parts, the tongue, complex larynx, all digestive organs, all glands, lungs, liver, kidneys and spleen - the lungs have their natural dedicated parts and detail like bronchi and alveoli, the cutaways in stomach and duodenum as well as the kidneys and most genital parts are extremely useful as these parts can be quite complex and hard too understand if they can only be looked at from the outside.

You can choose between the digital organ set with or without the heart which is also available as an individual data set. The 3d organ anatomy set consists of ~140 parts per sex. We can also create special sets for your need, "organs a la carte".

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Available for direct download in formats
3dsMax, Maya, .fbx, Wavefront .obj (more if needed, see FAQ file)

3d organ anatomy P1 2012 3d body organs minus heart




3d organ anatomy P1 2012 3d body organs with heart 2




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3d organ anatomy P1 2012 3d body organs, heart 2, textures




- It should be noticed that this 3D Organ Set is both male and fmale, that is unusual in our industry -. they are usually sold one by one, and together as a parcel at a 30% higher price - this probably being the better method of selling the organs (if not single) we will change over to that method this winter, probably before December.

This Organ Model Collection has internal detail even in the Colon where an End User demanded a cutaway with much detail, so we created that extra part for him - it is now part of the collection and the P1 Set

More information about human organ anatomy.
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