The Vertex-Animated Human Heart

Pre-Animated Heart with 140 parts                      

The animated heart works like the real one : in the ventricular diastole file (top right), the atriae are contracted and the ventriculi relaxed, the heart muscle opens the tricuspid and mitral valves while the pulmonary and aortic valves are closed.
The systole (top 4th from left), in short, displays the almost exact opposite state - while the pericard etc. adapts to the current state of the heart interiors each time.
So instead of one heart, you receive two, each with exactly the same parts, most of which however show a slightly or radically different shape : arranging these objects in the animation timeline of your favorite 3d program makes the visualization of the pumping heart extremely easy.
If you do not know the effect, think about those lip-sync animations - they, too, entirely consist of vertex-animated morph targets, it would be less efficient to achieve this using "bones".

The High Detail Digital Human Heart includes several pericard models with several textures, movable, vertex-animated chambers and all valves (tricuspid, mitral, aortic, pulmonary - with several parts each and morph targets for animation) as well as the Heart Muscle and the Heart Nerve - it has 140 parts, all important details are in the geometry. Morph targets exist for all the parts that change shape when the heart pumps: the pericard, the two ventricles which are relaxed in the diastolic phase. The atria (which have a diastolic phase when the ventricles contract) - the valves open and close correctly, the heart muscle acts accordingly. As an Animator, all you need do is set up your scene properly with the basic objects several keyframes apart from their morph targets - vertex animations are compatible with all professional animation programs via formats like .obj or .fbx.

The animated heart has been modeled with great care, keeping structures as simple as possible and as complex as needed. Coronary Blood Vessels surround the Pericard which gives the Heart itÝs outer appearance.

The valves have realistic fibrous connections (chordae tendineae) to the heart muscle and consist of two or three parts themselves. We will keep developing the Heart and more features will be included with the next update. Needless to say, the 3D Heart fits into the surrounding organs (most important, the lungs) within the P1 Anatomy Set, the lungs and diaphragm of which are also animated.

Please make sure that your software supports animation with multiple morphs targets (most do but some will need good animation know-how to actually make it work) and that you know how to get it done. The simpler non-animated heart 2 (with "cut" atria and ventricles) is also part of this model set - for your convenience.

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Available for direct download in formats
.fbx, Wavefront .obj (more if needed, see FAQ file)

3D Animated Heart III




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3D Heart II (non-animated)+ Circulatory System




Upwards (Authoritative Info about the 3D Model Set). The Human Heart is a reliable, never-ceasing pump at the center of the Cardiovascular System - we will deal with that system on a special page (see right NAVbar), hundreds of arteries and veins certainly deserve that much attention. The Heart was long thought to be the Human Spiritual Center, the Ancients could not understand the Brain and abstract concepts like Evolution, nerve function, chemical processes meant for the advancement of genes...
they usually believed the brain to be an amorphous, useless mass : still food for philosophers.

However that may be, the Heart still IS the Center of the Functioning Human Organism, itÝs motor, itÝs most constantly-working muscle.
We are elaborating on the Heart with this first pre-animated version (strictly vertex-animation, that means point level or in other words consists of several morph targets) - it works using several well defined and highly textured, but clearly structured 3d parts, each of which will deform at the vertex level, this taking place in several systolic and some more diastolic key frames - there will later be more pre-animated human organs, the lungs, knees and let us see what else. Also planned are Several Critical Deficiencies of the Heart. There will be additional technical stuff like Pacemakers and Stints to enable simple yet convincing visuals. It may be worthwhile for you to send us your special anatomical request.

Other pre-animated projects planned are the entire circulation, digestion and birth cycles, and three embryonal stages. However this will take us well into version 7.5 of the Anatomium P1 Digital Human 3D Anatomy Set. (Edited by Jack Longchamps)
More information about the human heart.

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