• a) Animation / Science

    OFFER 3D Skeleton 258 Parts, Textures $ 198
    3DSMax, Maya, Lightwave, Cinema4D, XSI, more - all the prominent programs work like a charm with our extremely detailed and, compared to ct scans, elegantly simplified anatomical mesh structures. We supply complete anatomy sets including ALL organs (P1-P3) - OR in smaller units of parts : body (nerve, blood, lymph) systems, muscular, skeletal, body/skin figures - both sexes, several ages, diverse human racial phenotypes. We also deliver any single part of these 3D anatomy sets you want, as single objects to your exact choice/specs. Example : Anatomium P1 Set

    b) CAD / SOLID Design

    OFFER 3D Skeleton Solidworks Assembly $ 278
    The Human Skeleton (or Spine, or Skull) in ready-made Assemblies of Volumetric Bodies, sized correctly, for Solidworks CAD(2009 onwards) in formats both .sldasm, .sldprt - all body parts are individual objects. THE Choice for a CAD Designer - Practical and Economic Time-Savers, these 3D Human Body Anatomy Files load and handle like a breeze. Great for Scientific Use or Implant Design and Lots More. Full CAD Functionality ! If you use Solidworks Premium, you ALSO have the option of importing all the parts of our Anatomical Mesh Collection, see a).   CAD Page : Solidworks Assemblies

    c) Interactive Software

    OFFER Brain Dissector - Interactive Brain $ 298
    Interactive Teaching/Studying Solutions (several), there is one for any budget - some are programs with many functions - others are simpler, more universal ones. We are able to offer an all-platform, but individually tailored teaching App (the brain, the body organs, the musculoskeletal apparatus or whatever you need), tailored to YOUR exact specs within days and at very little cost, also immensely compatible. Use these Apps on a pad, a notebook, or give a lecture to an impressed audience with the help of a digital data projector. Example : Educational Anatomy Software

    The Digital Human Body - in different forms for different people.

    • 3D Bodies

      This image shows the complete Anatomium P1 XT-Set including 6000 body parts and a full supply of outer bodies which fit the inner physiology.

    • 3D Organs

      No need to purchase the entire organism if you only use a few parts for your work - we deliver exactly the body parts you want and specify

    • 3D Pharynx

      The interiors of the human head and neck can easily be examined and rendered in any 3d program - this is the bucolaryngeal area.

    • 3D Musculature

      Another "parts" set - in this case, 3d musculature, ligaments, skeleton are used without bothering about all the other body parts.

    • 3D Animation Software

      Click here to understand how anatomy models look and handle in a professional animation program, before being rendered or animated.

    • Pdf-Anatomy

      A peek into educational / interactive 3d anatomy using Adobe Reader (.pdf) which is the simplest way to get into three-dimensional teaching.

    Conclusion : Go Creative The Easy Way !

    We supply complete human body anatomy sets either including ALL organs (P1-P3) - or in smaller units of parts : body (nerve, blood, lymph) systems, muscular, skeletal, body/skin character figures - of both sexes, several ages and diverse human racial phenotypes. We will also deliver any one single part of these 3D data sets that you may find useful, a single object to your exact choice. We believe in DIRECT DOWNLOAD and we run an efficient upgrade service : If you ordered the body organs a month ago you can upgrade to any "higher" set simply by making up the exact difference in price. If you ordered the *highest* (P1-XT) full/complete set, all lower priced sets are automatically at your disposal (both CAD and Animation Files).
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